A Dreamy Wedding Destination

Brought to Life by Ramarossi

Alanya, with its sun-drenched coastlines, historical tapestry, and vibrant culture, is steadily becoming a sought-after destination for couples seeking a romantic setting for their nuptials. From its historic castle overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea to luxury resorts nestled along the coast, Alanya offers a plethora of stunning venues. For couples looking to translate this Mediterranean dream into reality, Ramarossi, a renowned wedding planner, serves as their masterful guide.

Coastal Elegance: Resorts that Radiate Romance

Alanya's Enchantment: Where History Meets Modern Romance

Alanya's Enchantment: Where History Meets Modern Romance

Lying on Turkey’s southern coast, Alanya offers couples a delightful mix of historical charm and contemporary luxury. Its myriad venues provide both traditional and modern settings, suitable for diverse wedding themes.

Ramarossi: Tailoring Alanya’s Beauty to Your Love Story

Weddings are personal, and with Ramarossi’s expertise, each event in Alanya is tailor-made to echo the couple’s unique love story.

Alanya Castle: Saying “I Do” Amidst Historical Wonders

Imagine exchanging vows with Alanya’s ancient castle as the backdrop. Ramarossi can transform this UNESCO World Heritage site into an elegant wedding venue, blending history with romance.

This octagonal tower, standing as a testament to Alanya's rich history, can be an unconventional yet captivating wedding venue. Ramarossi ensures such historical sites are delicately adorned to maintain their essence while introducing a romantic flair.

Gourmet Experiences: Alanya's Culinary Delights

Gourmet Experiences: Alanya's Culinary Delights

Alanya’s diverse culinary landscape, influenced by Mediterranean and Anatolian flavors, can be a treat for wedding guests. Collaborating with chefs from elite venues like the Kahya Resort Aqua & Spa, Ramarossi crafts menus that tantalize the palate while reflecting the couple’s taste.

Musical Echoes: Alanya’s Traditional and Contemporary Beats

From the soulful sounds of traditional Turkish instruments to modern rhythms, Ramarossi ensures the music encapsulates the spirit of Alanya and resonates with the couple’s journey.

Gown and Suit Inspirations: Attires Reflecting Alanya’s Spirit

Drawing inspiration from Alanya’s blend of tradition and modernity, Ramarossi guides couples to attire choices that harmonize with their chosen venue and theme.

Comfort with a View: Luxurious Stays for Guests


Alanya, with its rich blend of history, nature, and modern luxury, is a dream destination for weddings. Under the meticulous guidance of Ramarossi, every wedding becomes a seamless, personalized, and unforgettable event, reflecting the beauty and charm of Alanya in every detail.

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