Wedding Places in Side

Marry in the Midst of History with Ramarossi

With its intriguing blend of sun-soaked beaches, ancient ruins, and luxurious resorts, Side, a gem on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, has rapidly grown into an enchanting wedding destination. Making dreams come alive against this historical backdrop is Side’s bespoke wedding planner, Ramarossi.

Sun-kissed Beach Resorts: Love By The Lapping Waves

The Allure of Side: Where History Romances the Sea

The Allure of Side: Where History Romances the Sea

Perched on the Anatolian coast, Side offers a rich tapestry of Greco-Roman history, paired with azure waters and a radiant Mediterranean sun.

Ramarossi: Crafting Bespoke Nuptials in Side

With deep local insights and an impeccable eye for details, Ramarossi transforms Side’s diverse venues into perfect matrimonial settings, reflecting the couple’s unique narrative.

Historical Backdrops: Nuptials Amidst Antiquity

Temple of Apollo: Ramarossi creates a magical blend of romance and history, setting up weddings against this iconic ancient monument with the sunset casting golden hues.

Resort Elegance: Sophisticated & Chic Celebrations

  • Alba Royal Hotel: Known for its exquisite architecture and impeccable service, this venue, with Ramarossi’s planning, becomes an epitome of elegance.
  • Otium Eco Club Side: Couples can indulge in an eco-friendly wedding setup here, with Ramarossi ensuring sustainability without compromising luxury.

Ramarossi collaborates with chefs from resorts like Crystal Sunrise Queen Luxury Resort & Spa to curate menus that reflect both Side’s culinary heritage and international flavors.

Tunes of Side: From Traditional to Trendy

Tunes of Side: From Traditional to Trendy

At venues like the Paloma Oceana Resort, Ramarossi brings together music bands and DJs who curate sets that resonate with Side’s eclectic vibes.

Dressing for Side: Bridal Insights by Ramarossi

From beach-inspired gowns at Q SPA Resort to regal attires at the Side Resort Hotel, Ramarossi guides couples on choosing outfits that mirror Side’s ambiance.

Luxury Stays for Guests: Ensuring Comfort

From the contemporary settings of Nashira Resort Hotel & Aqua to the rustic charm of Side Village Hotel, Ramarossi ensures guests have an array of luxury accommodations to choose from.

Memories Cast in Time: Capturing Side’s Beauty


Side, with its rich history and scenic beauty, offers a unique canvas for weddings. And in the masterful hands of Ramarossi, every wedding in Side turns into a mesmerizing tale of love, luxury, and history.

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